Hair Transplant For Hair Loss

Combined FUE and FUT to Achieve Maximum Coverage in One Surgery

Most of the time, patients with advanced hair loss are required to undergo multiple hair transplant procedures to obtain coverage of their entire bald scalp. Generally, the patient will have to wait a year or more between procedures, which makes it a long process.


The reason for this is that most practices – particularly the ones that only offer FUE treatments – can move only a certain amount of hairs in one procedure, due to limitations on the doctor’s experience and/or surgical staff, or because they have two or three other patients being treated at the same time, greatly limiting the attention available to each patient.

Grow Your Hair Back

Two out of three Americans experience hair loss by the age of 35. Hair loss doesn’t discriminate - Women can also suffer from thinning hair, whether it is brought on by genetics or hormonal imbalances.

There is a solution, and we’re not referring to special shampoos or hair extensions. At Nirvana Med Spa in Little Rock, AR we’ve made it our business to help everyone overcome hair loss with a treatment that works. Our hair transplants are minimally-invasive and deliver outstanding results. We can permanently grow back your own natural hair – it’s fast, it’s easy, and it will give you a boost in confidence.

All hair transplants employ some method of taking hair from one area of your scalp and “transplanting” it to another.  However, there are significant differences between those methods.


Your downtime is measured in days, not weeks – you simply wait several days for the tiny red dots covering your scalp to disappear, and you are set to get on with your life as before- except you will now start growing a full head of natural hair.

Nirvana Med Spa in Little Rock: A Leading Hair Transplant Provider

Dr. Salman Hashmi and his team at Nirvana Med Spa have performed many of these combined procedures. Our staff is well-versed on both the FUE and FUT techniques, and we utilize the latest technological advances to provide patients with a comfortable and relaxing experience, with great results.


Plus, we only treat one patient at a time, so we can focus total attention on your procedure for as long as required.

Of course, like any other medical procedure, a precise diagnosis and a detailed examination of your hair and scalp are necessary in order to determine the best strategy for your particular type of hair loss.

When looking for combination procedures (FUE and FUT) to treat advanced hair loss, look no further than Dr. Hashmi and Nirvana Med Spa in Little Rock AR, and come in for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Got hair transplant done from Dr. Hashmi and his staff they are awesome! They did an excellent job!


I recently visited Nirvana Med Spa & Dr Hashmi because my hair was thinning in the front, which made me very self conscious. Dr Hashmi suggested Hair Transformation, transplanting my own hair from the back to the front. So far it looks great & I can’t wait to see how beautiful my hair will be when it’s completely grown in! Dr. Hashmi and his team were amazing, so kind, and gentle, and provided a great lunch for me as well! I’m excited to try out the other services Nirvana offers!


Extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided at Nirvana Med Spa. Great display of professional approach by staff, towards fulfilling all aesthetic needs. I went for hair transplant and left amazed at how carefully and accurately it was carried out. The best thing after technical proficiency was the fact that Dr Hashmi kept explaining everything in detail on all the steps. Thank you Nirvana Team

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